Baseline & Post-Captopril Renograms

Preparation Requirements
Total duration of study:

60-90 minutes (may extend depending on clinical indication) This is a 2-part study.

Scanning time:

Approximately 40 minutes per image.


Not contraindicated but clear clinical indication needs to be specified. ACR–SPR Practice Guideline for Imaging Pregnant or Potentially Pregnant Adolescents and Women with Ionizing Radiation

Breast feeding:

No interruption


The patient has to be off ACE INHIBITORS for 2 days before study. If they are on ENALAPRILS, they have to be off their medication for 7 days before the study is done. Kindly have your clinician speak directly with Nuclear Physician for full preparation.


50 mg or age-appropriate dose Captopril is administered for Captopril renogram study


Recent U&E


No diet required. Eat as usual. Bring a snack for duration of study.


Patient is encouraged to drink water prior and during study