Cardiac MIBI Study

Preparation Requirements
Total duration of study:

8 hours (for One day protocol, the study may be distributed into 2 days)

Scanning time:

Two-part study (Stress and Rest). Approximately 40-60 minutes per image.



Breast feeding:

Stopped for duration of scan up to 4 hours post scan. Mother is encouraged to express milk prior to study.


Stress may be physiological (treadmill) or pharmacological (Adenosine)


B Blockers and other pace regulating/ limiting medication to be stopped. Kindly have your clinician speak directly with Nuclear Physician for full preparation.

Other studies:

Full record of Echo, stress ECG and angiogram required.


No caffeine or adrenergic stimulating diet. Eat as usual. Bring a snack for duration of study. Bring a fatty meal for study.


Patient is encouraged to drink water prior and during study